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COVID 19 Update - Staying Safe as We Move Forward
Like almost all businesses, in response to COVID 19 we have adjusted our working methods accordingly with your safety our foremost concern. More work is being done at home, and fewer in-person meetings are being scheduled, with an eye on keeping our clients and our work environment as safe as possible. With the benefit of being a predominantly online business, however, we are able to forge ahead through the crisis.

This will pass, though we know it will take some time. Like everyone, we are doing everything we can to maintain some sense of normalcy while staying safe, but also like everyone, we are preparing ourselves to hit the ground running when we get on the other side of this historic challenge.

• shipments are being sent and received as usual;

CONSIGNMENTS are being received as usual via FedEx, UPS and USPS;

• all communication is operating normally, via phone, email and our website; and

• our next auctions will be in April, August and November.