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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Prince's Personal Purple Rain 1984 Tour Jacket – Left on His Tour Bus! 10000
2 Prince 1980's Tour Document Collection Incl. 1985 Grammy Awards Invitation, Controversy Tour Shirts (2), Purple Rain Tour Shirts (2) “1999” Backstage Passes (10) and Other Ephemera 1000
3 Prince Owned and Possibly Stage-Worn Lace Headband – Left on His 1984 Purple Rain Tour Bus 1000
4 Prince Owned and Possibly Stage-Worn Sequin Headband – Left on His 1984 Purple Rain Tour Bus 1000
5 Prince's 1984 Purple Rain Tour Bus Satin Bed Canopy PASS
6 Prince Owned and Stage-Used Tambourine– Left on His 1984 Purple Rain Tour Bus 2000
7 Bob Dylan 1976 “Rolling Thunder Revue” Concert Tour Poster 800
8 Bob Dylan 1976 “Rolling Thunder Revue” Concert Tour Poster From Bob's Tour Bus! Signed by Joan Baez, Roger McGuinn and 8 Other Band Members – Plus Tour Documents - Beckett Certified 1100
9 Group of Five Bob Dylan “Rolling Thunder Revue” Concert Tour T-Shirts from Bob's Tour Bus 800
10 Neil Young Signed 1991 Ragged Glory Concert Tour Photo (Beckett Certified) Plus Crew T-Shirt, Crew Baseball Cap, Concert T-Shirts (3), Banners (2), Patch and Medallion Necklace (10 items) 275
11 1991 Neil Young ¾ Inch Video Master of Ragged Glory Video Compilation PASS
12 KISS Concert Tour Collection with Paul Stanley Signed Tour Book (Beckett Certified), Tour Crew Sweatshirts, Backstage Passes, Tour Documents and Photographs (29 Pieces) 375
13 Incredible Phish Concert Tour Collection Including Band-Signed Photo (Beckett Certified), Concert T-Shirts, Backstage Passes, Posters, Tour Documents, Live Recording and MORE! (36 Pieces) 250
14 Phish 2009 Madison Square Garden Poster by Artist Jim Pollock – Limited Edition (133/1100) 250
15 TREY ANASTASIO (PHISH) Concert Tour Poster Collection of Three 50
16 2001 Vida Blue Concert Poster with Page McConnell (Phish) Signed Card to His Tour Bus Driver (Beckett Certified) PASS
17 Bruce Hornsby 1988 Tour Collection with Signed Pieces and Grateful Dead Concert Poster (7 Pieces) (Beckett Certified) 150
18 RIAA Gold Record Award for Bruce Hornsby & The Range 1990 LP A Night on the Town 200
19 1969 A & M Records 33 1/3 RPM Test Pressing of The Flying Burrito Brothers First LP The Gilded Palace of Sin 300
20 Pair of Crowded House Band-Signed Posters Plus 1994 Backstage Pass, and 1997 Tour Crew Polo Shirt (4 Pieces) (Beckett Certified) 50
21 Glenn Frey (of The Eagles) Three ¾-Inch Video Master Copies of his 1984 Music Video “Smugglers Blues” Plus Signed Photo 200
22 Violent Femmes Signed Photos (2) and Backstage Passes (4) (Beckett Certified) 50
23 Arcade Fire Concert Tour Posters (2) and 2007 Tour Document PASS
24 RIAA Gold Record Award for Weezer's 2002 LP Maladroit 650
25 RIAA Platinum Record Award for Blues Traveler's 1997 LP Straight on Till Morning - Plus Tour Document 200
26 1988 “Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis, Jr.” Concert Tour Backstage Pass, Tour Binder and Program PASS
27 “Smooth Ride” Rock and Roll Tour Bus Company 1970s to 2000s Balance of Collection (65 Pieces) Incl. Tour Shirts, Tour Docs, Signed Photos, Concert Posters and More! (Beckett Pre-Certified) 250
28 Johnny Cash’s Performance-Worn “Eaves Costume Co.” Black Suit Coat and “Manuel” Pants with White Dress Shirt and Black Leather Boots 13000
29 W.S. “Fluke” Holland “ Rogers” Drum Set Played at Folsom Prison, San Quentin Prison, On Tour With Johnny Cash and at The White House in 1970 7500
30 Trio of Johnny Cash Stage-Played M. Hohner “Marine Band” Harmonicas – From the Collection of his Drummer WS “Fluke” Holland 1800
31 Johnny Cash Owned and Stage-Worn 1970 Patek-Philippe 18K Gold Model 3553 Watch – Gifted to His Drummer WS “Fluke” Holland 7500
32 “WS Holland/John R Cash” American Express Card and Hertz Credit Card (2 Items) 425
33 WS “Fluke” Holland 1950's Stage-Worn Red “Velvet” Jacket – Worn While Drumming with Carl Perkins During the Sun Records Years 300
34 Johnny Cash Czechoslovakian Concert Poster – April 10 and 11, 1978 -WS "Fluke" Holland's Personal Copy 250
35 Johnny Cash Signed 1980 Limited Edition Portrait by Paul Milosevich (29/1000) 500
36 WS “Fluke” Holland Late-Career Poster Collection of 15 Pieces Including Two Poster Signed by Multiple Artists (Beckett Pre-Certified) PASS
37 WS “Fluke” Holland Stage-Worn 1970's “Johnny Cash is a Friend of Mine” Tour Jacket by Manuel 200
38 WS “Fluke” Holland 1979 “Johnny Cash Show – Europe 79” Tour Jacket - Used in The United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland 200
39 WS “Fluke” Holland Stage-Worn 1980 “Johnny Cash Silver 1980” Tour Jacket by Manuel 250
40 “His and Hers” Pair of WS “Fluke” Holland 1980 “Johnny Cash 25th Anniversary TV Special” Tour Jackets 175
41 WS “Fluke” Holland Owned “Johnny Cash Show 1981 Silver Jubilee” Wembley Stadium Tour Jacket PASS
42 WS “Fluke” Holland's “Johnny Cash – Europe 1984” European Tour Winter Jacket 100
43 WS “Fluke” Holland's Late-1980's “Johnny Cash” Tour Jacket 125
44 WS “Fluke” Holland's Stage-Worn “Johnny Cash 1990 World Tour” Tour Jacket 150
45 Group of Five WS “Fluke” Holland 1970's thru 1990's Stage-Worn Jackets and Shirts for Johnny Cash Concerts 175
46 WS “Fluke” Holland's “Waylon Jennings” Tour Jacket 100
47 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn “TCB” Gold and Diamond Ring – Never Seen Before Now!! 37500
48 Elvis Presley Owned Silver and Turquoise Watchband 4750
49 Elvis Presley Owned and Worn “Nine-Flags” Brand "Patcham – Hong Kong" Cologne 2200
50 Elvis Presley Owned "TCB" Grand Prix Sunglasses - One of the Earliest Pair Made - All Metal! 110000
51 Elvis Presley's Childhood Home from 1241 Kelly St. in East Tupleo, Mississippi - Yes The Whole House! 45000
52 1970 Martin D-18 Guitar Given From Elvis Presley to Charlie Hodge – with LOA from Graceland Authenticated - Former Mike Moon Collection 27500
53 1970s Elvis Presley Signed Black-and-White Promotional Poster - Inscribed to Memphis Mafia Member Jerry Schilling and His Wife Sandy - with LOA from Graceland Authenticated 3500
54 Immaculate 1954 Sun Records 209 Unplayed “File Copy” 45 Single of Elvis Presley’s “That’s All Right” - From Sun Records Promotions Manager Cecil Scaife 3750
55 1955 Sun Records 217 45 RPM 7-Inch of Elvis Presley's “I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone” and “Baby Let's Play House” - Memphis Pressing 550
56 Pair of Original Unpublished Photographs of Elvis Presley Performing at "The Louisiana Hayride" October 1, 1955, Shreveport, Louisiana 4000
57 Circa 1956 33 RPM 10-Inch Double-Sided Acetate with ALL TEN Elvis Presley Singles Recorded at Sun Records – With Graceland Authenticated LOA 1300
58 1956 “Elvis Presley Enterprises” “Love Me Tender” Necklace – Tougher Gold Variation 650
59 1956 Elvis Presley Enterprises “EMENEE” Six-String Toy Guitar with Original Box 450
60 Elvis Presley Owned “EP” Monogrammed Sterling Silver Tie Clip – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley PASS
61 1956 Elvis Presley Pictorial Legal-Sized Letterhead and Pictorial “I Like Elvis” Envelope 150
62 1956 Elvis Presley RCA Promotional Photo with Facsimile Signature 100
63 Group of Four Elvis Presley News Service Photos from His Army Service, Marriage and Divorce – Plus Newspaper Clippings to Match! 175
64 1956 Topps "Elvis Presley" Complete Set of Bubble Gum Cards (66) 250
65 1957 Jailhouse Rock Huge French “Grande” (One-Panel) Movie Poster - Starring Elvis Presley (Les Rock du Bagne) 200
66 1957 Jailhouse Rock One Sheet Movie Poster – Starring Elvis Presley – with Graceland Authenticated LOA 550
67 1957 Jailhouse Rock Window Card Movie Poster - Starring Elvis Presley – with Graceland Authenticated LOA 200
68 March 28, 1957, Elvis Presley Concert Ticket in Chicago-Wearing His Gold Lamé Suit! With Newspaper Clipping 300
69 Elvis Presley Owned Sterling Silver “E” Monogrammed Cuff Links – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 1300
70 Elvis Presley Owned “E” Sterling Silver and Onyx Ring – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 6000
71 1960 “RCA Reference Recording” 33 1/3 RPM 12-Inch Double-Sided Acetate with Elvis Presley's Album His Hand in Mine - with Graceland Authenticated LOA 550
72 Elvis Presley's Personal Copy of RCA Reference Recording 45 RPM Acetate of “It's Now or Never” - Rescued from the Graceland Trash and Given to Elvis' Cousin Donna Presley! 3500
73 RIAA Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley's 1961 Single “Can't Help Falling in Love” - “Presented to RCA Records” - Certified in 1962 - Early White Linen Matte Style 1700
74 Elvis Presley Owned “EP” Monogrammed Pocket Watch – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 2500
75 Promotional Collection for Elvis Presley’s 1961 Film Blue Hawaii Including U.S. Program and Press Book, Foreign Programs (2) and Photos (8) 400
76 Elvis Presley's Personal Set of 1962 World Book Encyclopedias - All 20 Volumes! 1000
77 Elvis Presley Signed Check Written on August 23, 1963, for Expenses While Filming Viva Las Vegas - with LOA from Graceland Authenticated 4500
78 Pair of Tickets to the May 9, 1964, Chicago Premiere of Elvis Presley's Film Viva Las Vegas - with Graceland Authenticated LOA 225
79 Elvis Presley's 1960's RCA "Floating Radio" Gifted to Memphis Mafia Member Sonny West 300
80 Elvis Presley Owned “Lansky Brothers” Brown Plaid Sport Coat – From The 1995 Jimmy Velvet Collection Auction 3000
81 Elvis Presley Owned Gold and Diamond Ring with Black Star Sapphire – Gifted to Memphis Mafia Member Richard Davis 5500
82 Elvis Presley Owned Mid-1960s Blue Suede Jacket Gifted to Sonny West – Former Mike Moon Collection 3000
83 1966 Frankie and Johnny One Sheet Movie Poster – Starring Elvis Presley PASS
84 Elvis Presley Owned “Allen Solly” Western Shirt Worn While and Horseback Riding at His “Circle G” Ranch – Former Mike Moon Collection 1500
85 1968 “Singer Presents ELVIS!” '68 Comeback Special Promotional Envelope - Rare Survivor! 275
86 1968 Elvis Presley '68 Comeback Special Broadcast-Used Glass "Bumper Slide" 650
87 Elvis Presley Owned “Tempo” Brand Button Down Striped Shirt – The “Prototype” for Elvis' Iconic I.C. Costume Shirts of the 1970s PASS
88 Elvis Presley Owned Massive Leopard Pattern "Bean Bag" Chair and Pillows from His Palm Springs Home - From The 1999 Graceland Archives Auction 2000
89 1969 Elvis Presley From Elvis in Memphis 8-Track RCA Record Store Poster – Promoting Elvis at the “International Hotel Las Vegas August, 1969” 300
90 Elvis Presley Owned “Superfly” Velour Hat from Lansky Brothers in Memphis – Gifted to J.D. Sumner 7000
91 Elvis Presley Owned Cloud and Flower Pattern Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt - Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 2000
92 Elvis Presley Owned Flower Pattern High Collar Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt - Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 2000
93 Elvis Presley Owned Gold and Diamond Ring with Number “8” in Blue Sapphires – Elvis' Number in Numerology – Gifted to Memphis Mafia Member Charlie Hodge 13000
94 Elvis Presley Owned Phillips 66 Credit Card - Issued in 1969 – with LOA from Graceland Authenticated 2000
95 1969 RCA Custom Records Double-Sided 33 1/3 RPM Acetate with Nine Songs from Elvis Presley’s Legendary American Sound Studio Sessions with “Kentucky Rain," “Suspicious Minds” and "Hey Jude" 1600
96 Pair of RCA Nashville Double-Sided 33 1/3 RPM Acetates with Sides 1, 2, 7 and 8 of Elvis Presley’s 1970 Album Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits Vol. 1 Plus RCA Sequence Sheets for the Album 900
97 RIAA Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley's 1969 Single “Suspicious Minds” - “Presented to ELVIS PRESLEY” - Certified in 1969 - Early White Linen Matte Style 5000
98 Elvis Presley Complete Lobby Card Collection of 16 for Elvis: That's the Way it Is and Elvis On Tour – in Three Impressive Framed Displays 250
99 Reel to Reel Recording of Elvis Presley Concert from April 14, 1972 in Greensboro, North Carolina-First Ever Stage Performance of "Burnin' Love" PASS
100 Reel to Reel Recording of Elvis Presley Concert from August 10, 1970, Opening Night at The Las Vegas International Hotel PASS
101 Reel to Reel Recording of Elvis Presley Concert from August 11, 1970, Dinner Show at the Las Vegas International Hotel PASS
102 Reel to Reel Recording of Elvis Presley Concert from August 13, 1970, Dinner Show at the Las Vegas International Hotel PASS
103 1970's Elvis Presley “ELVIS SHOW MEMBER” Backstage Pass Badge 300
104 1970 Elvis: That’s the Way It Is One Sheet Movie Poster – Starring Elvis Presley - In Framed Display 200
105 1970 Elvis Presley’s “TCB” Letterhead Obtained from his Cousin Harold Loyd - An Early Version of the Famous Stationery 150
106 1970 Elvis Presley’s Personally Owned Copy of Physicians’ Desk Reference of Pharmaceutical Specialties and Biologicals 850
107 1970 Elvis Summer Festival International Hotel Gold Souvenir Scarf 325
108 Group of 12 Elvis Presley 1970's Souvenir Pennants Including "Elvis Summer Festival / International Hotel" Version 1100
109 1970s Las Vegas Hilton Elvis Presley 7-Inch Round Promotional Ceiling Hanger Sign 225
110 1970s Mathey-Tissot Watch Gifted to Roy McComb (Janelle McComb’s Husband) from Elvis Presley - with LOA from Graceland Authenticated 6000
111 Baume Mercier 14K Gold Watch Gifted by Elvis Presley to Las Vegas International Hotel Bandleader Bobby Morris – Engraved “To Bobby from Squirrly, EP” 6500
112 Elvis Presley “IN CONCERT BUILDING PERSONNEL” Round Backstage Pass – Signed by Memphis Mafia Members Joe Esposito and Charlie Hodge! 325
113 Elvis Presley Owned "Florshiem" Brown Leather Ankle Boots Gifted to His Bodyguard Dave Hebler 2500
114 Elvis Presley Owned “Jockey Skants” Bikini-Style White Underwear – Former Mike Moon Collection 750
115 Elvis Presley Owned “Jockey” Maroon Underwear – Former Mike Moon Collection 750
116 Shelby County Sheriff’s Department “Special Deputy” Files For Elvis Presley and Vernon Presley, with Four Elvis Signatures with LOA from Graceland Authenticated 7500
117 Uncut Album Cover Slicks for Elvis Presley's LPs Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits, Vol. 1 and ELVIS ('68 Comeback TV Special) 50
118 1971/1972 Elvis Presley Promotional Poster - “Sincerely Elvis” in His “Cisco Kid” Jumpsuit - All Star Shows 175
119 1972 Elvis on Tour Three-Sheet Movie Poster – Starring Elvis Presley – A Stunning NEAR MINT Example!! 250
120 1975 Elvis Presley “Elvis Pre Holiday Concerts” Poster from the Las Vegas Hilton in Framed Display 250
121 Elvis Presley Giant-Sized Souvenir Stuffed Hound Dog, Stage Worn Black SILK Scarf, Souvenir Straw Hat and Button - Given to a Friend Directly from Elvis and The Colonel at a Las Vegas Hilton Concert 4750
122 Elvis Presley Owned “Rainfall” Pattern, Button-Down, Dress Shirt – with LOA from Graceland Authenticated – Gifted to Elvis’ Longtime Hairdresser Homer “Gill” Gilleland 3250
123 Elvis Presley Owned Black Satin Robe with Red Trim – Gifted to Ed Hill of the Stamps Quartette – Former Mike Moon Collection 2500
124 Elvis Presley Owned Gold Ring with 24 small Diamonds and Snakeskin Pattern – Gifted to His Bodyguard Sam Thompson 7000
125 Elvis Presley Owned Light Blue Pajama Bottoms – Gifted to Ed Hill of the Stamps Quartette – Former Mike Moon Collection PASS
126 Elvis Presley Owned Olive Green Robe with White Trim – Gifted to Ed Hill of the Stamps Quartette – Former Mike Moon Collection 2000
127 Elvis Presley Owned Shoe Brush – Gifted to Charlie Hodge – Former Mike Moon Collection 200
128 Elvis Presley Owned Very Large “Eagle Eye” Sterling Silver Ring with Large Turquoise Stone – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 7500
129 Elvis Presley White Concert Scarf Given to a Friend of Kathy Westmoreland at a Concert in Las Vegas 950
130 Elvis Presley Signed LP Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite with Inscription to Cato Walker, B.B. King's Bandleader-Acquired from Walker's Family– with LOA from Graceland Authenticated 2000
131 1973 Elvis Presley “American Eagle” Jumpsuit Promotional Poster - “Hear Elvis on RCA Record and Tapes” 475
132 Elvis Presley Owned 14K Gold over Sterling Silver Crucifix Ring – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley PASS
133 Elvis Presley's Leather Bible Cover Monogrammed "E.P." Given to Him by Girlfriend Linda Thompson 2000
134 Elvis Presley's X-Ray of His Right Foot from the Day After the February 18, 1973 On-Stage "Attack" at the Las Vegas Hilton! 2500
135 Pair of Elvis Presley Owned Sets of Cufflinks – Gifted to Bodyguard Dave Hebler 1800
136 President Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn Carter Signed Photo with ELVIS PRESLEY! 275
137 RIAA Gold Record Award for Elvis Presley’s 1973 Soundtrack LP Aloha from Hawaii 800
138 Elvis Presley “Air Travel" Credit Card Given to His Hairdresser Homer “Gil” Gilleland – From the 1999 Graceland Archives Auction 1000
139 Elvis Presley “TCB” Letterhead and “E.A.P. Graceland Memphis” Envelope – Rare Executive Style Letterhead for Vernon Presley! 150
140 Elvis Presley Owned “Patrolmen's Benevolent Association” (Police Union) Silver Tie Clip – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley PASS
141 Elvis Presley Owned Silver and Turquoise Lightning Bolt Ankh Necklace - Gifted to J.D. Sumner (Former Mike Moon Collection) 4250
142 Elvis Presley's Black Travel Garment Bag – Gifted To Ed Hill of the Stamps Quartette – Former Mike Moon Collection PASS
143 Elvis Preley Owned Stage Scarf Given to Elaine Nichopolous Backstage in Las Vegas in 1975 (Wife of Dr. Nick) 2100
144 Elvis Presley Owned “E.P.” Faux Tortoiseshell Triangular Guitar Pick with LOA from Graceland 1000
145 Elvis Presley Owned Black Dress Socks Gifted to Memphis Mafia Member Charlie Hodge 250
146 Original Cassette Tape Recording of Elvis Presley Concert from June 7, 1975, in Shreveport, Louisiana – Evening Show PASS
147 Group of 12 Photographs of Elvis Presley Performing June 7, 1975, in Shreveport, Louisiana Plus Concert Ticket Stub (11 5 x 7's and an 8 x 10!) 275
148 Group of Six 5 x 7 Inch Photographs of Elvis Presley Performing July 1, 1976, in Shreveport, Louisiana Plus Concert Ticket Stub 250
149 Pair of Oversized Photographs of Elvis Presley – Possibly Gifted by Janelle McComb to Elvis at Graceland 200
150 1976 Elvis Presley Las Vegas Hilton Summer Festival Banner and December 2-12, 1976 “Sold Out” Banner 1000
151 Elvis Presley Owned “Drug Enforcement Agency” Red Sweatsuit Top and Bottom Gifted to Cousin Billy Smith 2000
152 Elvis Presley Owned “Memphis Fire Dept.” Badge – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 500
153 Elvis Presley Owned “Memphis Police” Badge – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 900
154 Elvis Presley Owned Sterling Silver and Turqoise Ring – Gifted to His Cousin Patsy Presley 1700
155 Group of Four Photos of Elvis Presley on Stage in Greensboro, North Carolina on June 30, 1976 with Souvenir Folio and Button – with LOA from Graceland Authenticated 250
156 Pair of 1977 Advertising Placards for Elvis Presley LP Elvis in Concert - From Memphis Newspaper Machines 175
157 Elvis Presley Owned “Iolani Hawaii” Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt 1500
158 1981 Elvis Presley TV Guide Oversized Cover Portrait Print – Dye Transfers Made for Regional Offices and Affiliates 100
159 Elvis Presley Owned Macon, Georgia Police Badge Given to Him By Officer Gene E.E. Collins June 1, 1977 at the Macon Coliseum - Gifted to His Producer Felton Jarvis 2000
160 Ticket Stub for Elvis Presley’s Last Concert in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 26, 1977 350
161 1982 Graceland Tour Program – Elvis' Graceland: The Official Photo Album of Elvis' Home 325
162 1979 Limited First Edition The Life of Elvis Presley Signed by Charlie Hodge, Dick Grob, Billy Smith and Sean Shaver 175
163 John Lennon and Paul McCartney Signed 1963 "Please Please Me" Parlophone 45 Sleeve PASS
164 John Lennon and Paul McCartney Signed Copy of The Beatles 1963 LP Please Please Me PASS
165 RIAA Gold Record Award for The Beatles 1964 Single “Can't Buy Me Love” - “Presented to THE BEATLES” 1600
166 RIAA Gold Record Award for The Beatles 1965 Single “HELP!” - “Presented to JOHN LENNON” 1000
167 Ringo Starr Signed Photograph from HELP! 400
168 John Lennon Imagine Uncut Press Sheet for Cover of 1993 EMI UK-Only CD Boxed Set PASS
169 1968 Corgi "The Beatles Yellow Submarine" Die-Cast Toy in Original Box - The Rare First Version with Yellow and White Hatches 325
170 1968 Corgi "The Beatles Yellow Submarine" Die-Cast Toy in Original Box - Incredibly High Grade Condition! 200
171 1970's Capitol Records Beatles Rubber Soul Promotional Mirror - Celebrating 10 Years of The Beatles in America 150
172 The Beatles 1966 LP Beatle-Views: 1966 American Tour SUPER RARE Album for Blind Fans Distributed by Ring Around the Pops a Braille Quarterly Magazine PASS
173 Promotional Poster with Images from The Beatles July 1968 "Mad Day Out" Photo Session During Recording Sessions for The White Album - Rarely Seen! 100
174 1995-96 Group of Six Record Store Standees and Counter Cards for The Beatles Anthology Volumes I, II and III - Never Assembled in Original Boxes! 200
175 1993 Record Store Display and Ceiling Hanger for The Beatles Albums 1962–1966 ("The Red Album") and 1967–1970 ("The Blue Album") 100
176 Michael Jackson Owned and Worn Prescription ”LAURA BIAGIOTTI” Sunglasses From the 1984 “Victory” Tour – Acquired by Actor and Close Friend Corey Feldman 1500
177 Led Zeppelin Remasters CD Deluxe Box Set Signed by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones 1500
178 RIAA Gold Record Award for The Rolling Stones 1966 LP Aftermath - “Presented to KEITH RICHARDS” - Certified in 1966 - Early White Linen Matte Style 1750
179 RIAA Gold Record Award for The Rolling Stones Single “Ruby Tuesday” - Presented to “Brian Jones” 1750
180 RIAA Gold Record Award for The Who's 1971 LP Who's Next - “Presented to PETE TOWNSHEND” - Certified in 1971 - Early White Linen Matte Style 1750
181 1965 Autograph Book Pages Signed by The Who – Keith Moon, Roger Daltry, Pete Townsend and John Entwistle 650
182 RIAA Gold Record Award for The Beach Boys 1966 Single “Good Vibrations” - “Presented to BRIAN WILSON” - Certified in 1966 - Early White Linen Matte Style 1500
183 Group of 12 1963 Unpublished Photographs of The Beach Boys Performing in Concert in San Jose, California 100
184 RIAA Gold Record Award for the Queen's 1980 Single “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST” - “Presented to FREDDIE MERCURY” 800
185 Original Metal “Mother” Mastering Plates for John Lennon's LP Imagine - From the 2008 Limited Edition Vinyl Record Release 800
186 Original Metal “Mother” Mastering Plates for Pink Floyd LP Dark Side of the Moon - From the 2011 Limited Edition Vinyl Record Release 750
187 Original Metal “Mother” Mastering Plates for The Beatles LP Abbey Road - From the 2006 Limited Edition Vinyl Record Release 750
188 Phil Spector Signed “Phil Spector Productions” Check 250
189 David Cassidy Stage Worn Pink Satin Tuxedo and Shoes 750
190 1967 “KXOL Top 40” Handbill Signed by Davy Jones – with The Monkees “Daydream Believer” at #1! PASS
191 The Everly Brothers Signed 8 x 10 Photo with Don and Phil Everly 100
192 The Seeds Band-Signed 1965 45 RPM Single “Pushin' Too Hard” with Sky Saxon, Daryl Hooper, Rick Andridge, and Jan Savage 200
193 1960 Pictorial Fan Club Card Signed by The Searchers (Seminal Merseybeat Band) – John McNally, Mike Pender, Tony Jackson and Chris Curtis 100
194 Rare Gene Vincent Signed Autograph Book Page – Seminal Rockabilly Artist 100
195 Fats Domino Cut Signature with 45 RPM Single of Blueberry Hill 150
196 Lesley Gore Signed 8 x 10 Photo - She Can Cry if She Wants To PASS
197 Dusty Springfield Signed 8 x 10 Inch Photo 75
198 Carl Perkins Signed 8 x 10 Photo 75
199 Bobby Vee Signed Rubber Ball PASS
200 1969 Janis Joplin and Savoy Brown Filmore West/Winterland Concert Poster (1969 Second Printing) PASS
201 Herman's Hermits 1964 Concert Tour Program Signed by ALL FIVE Original Members 200
202 Wayne Newton Stage-Worn Pocket Square with Photos of Him Wearing on Stage and Signed Ticket PASS
203 Olivia Newton John Signed copy of her 1981 LP "Physical" 150
204 1977 Heart, Foreigner and Walter Egan Silkscreened Concert Poster – Ft. Wayne Coliseum PASS
205 Heart Band-Signed Capitol Record Store Poster for 1993 LP Desire Walks On - Incl. Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson 250
206 The 5th Dimension Band-Signed 1970 LP "Portrait" with Billy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn McCoo (4 Signatures) PASS
207 "Musical Jolly Chimp" NM-MT in Its Original Pictorial Box - "Made in Japan" Model No. 4910 by Daishin C.K. PASS
208 Rare Christine McVie Signed 45 Picture Sleeve for Single Love Will Show Us How PASS
209 The Go-Go's Band Signed CD Booklet for The Go-Go's Collection - with All Five Members Belinda Carlisle, jane Weidlen, Gina Shock, Kathy Valentine and Charlotte Caffey 100
210 Sheet Perfectly Signed by all Four Members of KISS – Paul Stanely, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss with Vintage Publicity Photo 450
211 DIO Band Signed 8 x 10 Inch Photo – with Ronnie James Dio, Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain, Claude Schnell and Craig Goldie 250
212 1989 Ozzy Osbourne Concert Poster – with White Lion and Vixen – Richmond Colliseum PASS
213 The Righteous Brothers Signed 8 x 10 Photo with Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield PASS
214 Hawaiian Singing Legend Don Ho Signed Photo PASS
215 1950's Disneyland Architectural Photostat of Original Concept Art "Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard"-By Disney Imagineer Herb Ryman PASS
216 Walt Disney Company “Mousecar” Award Statue - Rarely Seen Outside of the Magic Kingdom! 2000
217 Walt Disney Company “Duckster” Award Statue - Rarely Seen Outside The Magic Kingdom! 1500
218 The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation Signed by Legendary Disney Animation Artists Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston 50
219 Sharon Tate Signed 1965 Letter to her Agent in Which She References Jay Sebring - Sent Before Leaving to Film Eye of the Devil PASS
220 1966 Bonanza TV Show NBC Promotional Poster – Ordered from 1966 Ad in TV Guide PASS
221 1966 Get Smart TV Show NBC Promotional Poster – with Jack Davis Artwork – Ordered from 1966 Ad in TV Guide PASS
222 1966 The Man From Uncle TV Show NBC Promotional Poster – Ordered from 1966 Ad in TV Guide PASS
223 1966 I Spy TV Show NBC Promotional Poster PASS
224 1966-68 Original Star Trek Production Document Archive for 35 Original Episodes Plus Cast Contract Documents (Hundreds of Documents!) 2200
225 Star Trek Signed 8 x 10s Displays Collection of Six Including William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Others 200
226 John Travolta Owned and Signed Cream Suit Worn for His 1978 Saturday Night Fever TIME Magazine Cover 5000
227 Leonardo DeCaprio Screen Worn Prison Uniform as "Frank Abagnale, Jr. from the Film Catch Me if You Can 1000
228 Al Pacino Screen Worn Suit from His Oscar-Nominated Role as "Big Boy Caprice" in the 1990 Film Dick Tracy 2000
229 Tobey Maguire as "Peter Parker" Screen Worn Graduation Cap and Gown from 2002 Film Spider-Man with COA from Columbia Pictures 750
230 Burt Reynolds Screen-Worn Cowboy Boots from the 1996 Film Striptease 1600
231 George Clooney Screen Worn Pajamas as "Dodge Connelly" in 2008 Football Film Leatherheads 500
232 Hugh Jackman "Wolverine" Screen Worn Military Uniform from the 2009 Film X-Men Origins: Wolverine 500
233 Robert Redford Screen Worn Suit, Shirt, Tie and Belt from the 1993 Film Indecent Proposal 650
234 Will Smith as Muhammad Ali Screen Worn Grey Suit from the 2001 Film Ali 500
235 Meg Ryan Screen Worn Velvet "Peasant" Vest as Jim Morrison's Girlfriend "Pamela Courson" in the 1991 Film The Doors 500
236 Burt Reynolds Cowboy Boots Worn in the Movie Best Little Whore.. 1400
237 Tommy Lee Jones Screen Worn Pith Helmet as "Clay Shaw" from Oliver Stone's 1991 Film JFK 300
238 Burt Reynolds Black Western Suit in Beautiful Framed Display 600
239 Kurt Russell's 3,000 Miles to Graceland Film-Used Prop - "Michael Zane" Baseball Trophy 115
240 Jayne Mansfield Collection with Four 1950's and 1960's Playboy Magazines Featuring Nude Photos Plus Other Ephemera (14 Pieces) 150
241 Liberace Signed 1983 Las Vegas Show Program and Signed Book - The Things I Love PASS
242 Ray Bolger (The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz) Collection with Signed 1949 EYE Magazine Page and Three Personally-Owned Awards 150
243 The Wizard of Oz Autograph Collection Incl. Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch), Jack Haley (The Tin Man), Burt Lahr (The Cowardly Lion) and Two Munchkins (5 Pieces) 175
244 Frank Sinatra Personally Owned and Used Piece of China from His Gulfstream II Private Jet 300
245 Sophie Tucker Signed Autobiography (Some of these Days, Signed Postcard and Signed Lyrics to “Be in the Business of Staying Young” PASS
246 Louella Parsons Signed 1961 Autobiography Tell it to Louella PASS
247 Pair of Officially Ironic Letters to Abbott and Costello from Gov. of Massachusetts and Mayor of Wichita, Kansas 100
248 Ernie Kovacs Signed Check and Signed Photo of His Wife Edie Adams PASS
249 Sir Lawrence Olivier Signed Letter with Great Acting Content PASS
250 Katharine Hepburn Signed Letter on Her Personal Stationary 25
251 Henry Fonda Signed 1956 Fan Club Autograph Authorization Form - “use my autographs and signatures listed below for reproduction” 75
252 Edgar Rice Burroughs Signed Personal Check - Author of Tarzan Books 25
253 W. C. Fields Handwritten Letter Page to His Mistress Carlotta Douglas (Actress Carlotta Monti) Plus His Universal Pictures Studio Dressing Room Key 250
254 Errol Flynn Cut Signature (Portion of Signed Personal Check) 75
255 Harold Lloyd Signed 1944 Newspaper Photo of Him and His Family PASS
256 Fred MacMurray Signed Magazine Page PASS
257 Mae West Signed 1951 Agreement for Her Play Diamond Lil - Also Signed by Show Producer George Brandt 100
258 Mae West Signed Personal Check PASS
259 George Burns 1939 Lobby Card for the Film Honolulu Featuring "Burns and Allen" Plus Signed Photo PASS
260 Betty Grable Signed “El Rancho Vegas” Document During Her 1956 Las Vegas Stage Show PASS
261 Busby Berkeley Signed “Directors Guild of America” Earnings Document PASS
262 Flo Ziegfeld Cut Signature and 1920 ”Hold Me” Ziegfeld Follies of 1920 Sheet Music from His Broadway Musical PASS
263 “Myrna Loy Building” Sign from the Original M.G.M Hollywood Studio Lot PASS
264 Shirley Temple Signed 8 x 10 Photo 25
265 Joan Crawford Signed Letter Referencing the Death of Marion Davies PASS
266 Eddie Cantor 1942 Letter to Ray Bolger Complimenting His Dancing Ability! PASS
267 Sammy Cahn Signed Lyrics for His Song “Three Coins in a Fountain” PASS
268 Ava Gardner Signed Personal Check 25
269 Jimmy Stewart Signed Drawing of “Harvey” the Rabbit and Signed Personal Check (2 Items) 300
270 Cecille B. DeMille Signed Personal Check 25
271 Groucho Marx Signed Personal Check and Chico Marx Signed Autograph Book Page 550
272 Hedda Hopper Signed 1962 Letters to the Same Reader Answering the Same Question! PASS
273 Bob Hope Signed 1946 Letter on MGM Letterhead Approving the Use of His Name in The Hucksters 100
274 Bing Crosby 1950 Letter Referencing His Fine Art Collecting PASS
275 1954 Tony Curtis and Others Signed "Chez Paree" Nightclub (Chicago) Table Tent PASS
276 Milton Berle and Jan Murray Signed “Copacabana New York” Postcard PASS
277 Collection of 1930's to 1940's Hollywood Pin-Up Magazine Collection Including SEE (15), PIC (7) and Several Others PASS
278 Collection of 1930's to 1940's Women's Magazine Collection of 28 Including Redbook, The American and Liberty PASS
279 Clark Gable and Carol Lombard Silver Wedding Goblets – Inscribed “Lombard & Gable / A Match Made in Heaven” (2) 1200
280 Gone With the Wind Signed Collection with Olivia de Havilland, Producer David O. Selznick, Butterfly McQueen and Several Others (10 Pieces) PASS
281 Gone With the Wind Collection with Clark Gable Signed Check, Vivien Leigh Signed Flight Menu, Olivia De Havilland Signed Letter 500
282 Ann Rutherford (Gone With the Wind) Personal Entertainment Awards Collection of Six Pieces PASS
283 “Lone Ranger” Clayton Moore Signed Autobiography I Was That Masked Man PASS
284 1966 Lucille Ball Signed Agreement with CBS Television for The Lucy Show Plus Sample of Her Iconic Red Hair Dye! 175
285 Desi Arnaz and Fred Ball (Lucy's Brother) Signed 1958 “Desilu” Shareholder Agreement PASS
286 Danny Thomas Signed Financial Document Plus “Holiday Casino” Award for His Service PASS
287 Dorothy Lamour Twice-Signed Contentious 1948 Contract with RKO Radio Pictures – Plus Swatch of Her Dress from The Road to Hong Kong 150
288 Carol Channing Signed 1957 Newspaper Page and Cole Porter Letter Referencing Her 1949 Broadway Audition! PASS
289 StarKist “Charlie the Tuna” TV Commercial Production Cel PASS
290 “Bullwinkle” Presentation Drawing Signed by Creator Al Kilgore PASS
291 Bill Hanna and Joe Barbara Signed Fred Flintstone Trading Card and Henry Corden Signed Photo (Voice of Fred Flintstone) 75
292 Friz Freleng Signed Bugs Bunny Poster and "Sylvester and Tweety" LE Cel – Plus LE Bugs Bunny Cel PASS
293 Dick Clark Personally Owned Awards (4) – Philadelphia, Cleveland and Miami, Florida “Dick Clark Day” Proclamations and “TV's Music Provider of the 20th Century” PASS
294 Sammy Davis, Jr. Personally Owned Awards and Ephemera Incl. 1972 “Soul and Blues Award” and Burbank, California “Sammy Davis, Jr. Day” (5 Pieces) PASS
295 Cesar Romero Signed Drawing of The Joker – From TV's 1960's Batman 250
296 Buck Henry Signed 1969 Contract with ABC Pictures Corp. to Produce and Write Seven Footprints to Satan PASS
297 Gale Gordon (“Theodore J. Mooney” of Lucy Show Fame) Signed Photo PASS
298 Cosmopolitan Editor Helen Gurley Brown Signed Letter Concerning Her Heroes PASS
299 Siegfried and Roy Personally Owned “Tiger Raj” Plate – From Their 2000 Estate Sale in Las Vegas PASS
300 A Lock of President Abraham Lincoln's Hair – Collected by a Surgeon on His Deathbed! 400
301 1864 Abramham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson Presidential Campaign Advertising Card PASS
302 1960 “Regent Sound Studios” 33 1/3 RPM Acetate of John F. Kennedy Campaign Radio Commercials PASS
303 President George W. Bush Signed Easton Press First Edition of A Charge to Keep PASS
304 President Gerald R. Ford Signed Easton Press Edition of A Time to Heal 100
305 President Jimmy Carter Signed Easton Press Edition of An Hour Before Daylight PASS
306 President George Bush Signed Easton Press First Edition of All the Best, George Bush - Limited Edition (1627/3000) 100
307 President Herbert Hoover Signed 1952 Letter Referencing Eisenhower's Presidential Bid - And His Lack of Support for It! 100
308 President Rutherford B. Hayes Signed 1885 Handwritten Letter written From His Home in Speigel Grove, Fremont, Ohio 200
309 President Dwight D. Eisnehower Signed and Inscribed 11 x 14 Inch Photo - To Boots Adams President of Phillips Petroleum 200
310 President Harry S. Truman and Bess Truman Signed Official 1946 Presidential Christmas Photo - Showing Them on the First "Air Force One" PASS
311 Mercury Astronauts John Glenn, Gordon Cooper and Scott Carpenter Signed Easton Press Editions PASS
312 Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Signed 8 x 10 Photo in Framed Display 50
313 Apollo and Gemini Astronauts Signed Book Trio with Eugene Cernan (Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, Apollo 17), Alan Bean (Apollo 12) and Jim Lovell (Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13) 200
314 Krone Apollo 11 “Kapton Foil” Limited Edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen with Part of the Spacecraft Embedded in the Pen! With Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Signed Letter PASS
315 Test Pilot Legend Chuck Yeager Signed “X-1” Plane Model – The Plane that Broke the Sound Barrier 200
316 Mark Twain 1875 Handwritten 2-Page Letter Signed “Mark” to His Former Secretary and Poet Charles Stoddard 1000
317 Booker T. Washington 1894 Signed Letter on “Tuskegee Institute” Letterhead Plus Institute Circular Document 250
318 Dr. Albert Schweitzer Signed and Inscribed 11 x 14 inch Photograph 250
319 J. Edgar Hoover Signed Letter Referencing Trip with “Mr. Tolson” to Miami Beach, Florida – On His FBI Letterhead 75
320 James A. Michener and Jack Levine Signed 1970 Limited Edition of Facing East with Original Case and Leather Portfolio of Lithographs and Woodcuts PASS
321 Nelson Mandella Signed Easton Press Edition of Long Walk to Freedom and Original 1994 South African Presidential Ballot 750
322 Physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson Signed Easton Press Edition of Death by Black Hole PASS
323 Thurgood Marshall Signed Book from the “Black Americans of Achievement Series” 100
324 Edward Gorey “Tower Scene” Signed Artist's Proof Lithograph and Signed Copy of The World of Edward Gorey PASS
325 Charles Schulz Signed Letter Discussing Snoopy and The Vietnam War – on Charlie Brown/Snoopy Letterhead and Original Envelope 325
326 1857 Stock Certificate for “The Osakis Company” - for the Town of Osakis, Minnesota PASS
327 Iconic 1935 Harley Davidson Motor Company Letterhead 150
328 1932 Chicago Cubs National League Champion Team Signed Baseball – 20 Signatures Incl. Hartnett, Grimes and Herman PASS
329 1939 American League All-Star Team Signed Ball (Signed at 25th Anniversary Ceremony in 1964) with DiMaggio, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg, Lefty Grove, Bob Feller and Joe Cronin (18 Signatures) PASS
330 1935 New York Giants and National League Champion Chicago Cubs Multi-Signed Ball with Hall of Famers Mel Ott, Carl Hubbell, Bill Terry and Gabby Hartnett (11 Signatures) PASS
331 1956 World Series Champions New York Yankees Team Signed Ball with Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Billy Martin and Bill Dickey (21 Signatures) 2000
332 High Grade 1957 National League All-Star Team Signed Ball with 26 Signatures Including Stan Musial, Ernie Banks, Ed Mathews, Warren Spahn and Gil Hodges 425
333 1970 Cubs Team Signed Baseball with 25 Signatures Incl. Ernie Banks and Manager Leo Durocher on the Sweet Spot 50
334 1997 Florida Marlins World Series Champions Team Signed Ball (32 Signatures!) PASS
335 President Jimmy Carter Single Signed Baseball 475
336 Roberto Clemente Single Signed Baseball 4000
337 Joe DiMaggio Single Signed Baseball 200
338 Ted Williams Single Signed Baseball 200
339 Willie Mays Single Signed Baseball 175
340 Hank Aaron Single Signed Baseball PASS
341 Willie McCovey Single Signed Baseball PASS
342 Harmon Killebrew Single Signed Baseball PASS
343 Eddie Murray Single Signed Baseball 50
344 Reggie Jackson Single Signed Baseball “44 HOF 93” Upper Deck Limited Edition (940/1993) PASS
345 Barry Bonds Single Signed Baseball PASS
346 Sammy Sosa Single Signed Baseball PASS
347 Rafeal Palmiero Single Signed Baseball PASS
348 Ken Griffey, Jr. Single Signed Baseball – “Spinneybeck” Seattle Mariners Logo Baseball PASS
349 Frank Thomas “35” Single Signed Baseball – “Spinneybeck” White Sox Logo Baseball PASS
350 Alex Rodriguez “40/40 9-19-98” Single Signed Baseball Limited Edition (26/200) PASS
351 Jim Thome Single Signed Baseball – Limited Edition (56/250) with “Chicago White Sox Inaugural Season 2006” Stamped on Ball PASS
352 Manny Ramirez Single Signed Baseball PASS
353 Gary Sheffield “#11” Single Signed Baseball PASS
354 Albert Pujols Single Signed “2009 MVP” Upper Deck Authenticated Limited Edition (14/50) 200
355 Nolan Arenado Single Signed Baseball PASS
356 Collection of Ten Colorado Rockies Stars Single Signed Baseball with Story, Blackmon, Marquez, Daniel Murphy and others PASS
357 Luis Gonzalez Signed and Inscribed “2001 World Series GW RBI” Baseball – Limited Edition (22/23) PASS
358 Nolan Ryan Signed “Spinneybeck” Texas Rangers Logo Baseball PASS
359 Don Larsen and Yogi Berra Signed Baseball with Handwritten Box Score of Larsen's 1956 World Series Perfect Game 150
360 Legendary Dodgers Announcer Ernie Harwell Signed “Story Ball” with 4-Panel Incscription Descibing Jackie Robinson Stealing Home 100
361 Stan Musial Signed "Stan Musial Baseball Shoes" with Original Pictorial Box! 425
362 Stan Musial Signed and Inscribed 1946 World Series Photo – LE (38/46) – Inscribed with 1946 Awards and Stats 175
363 Joe DiMaggio Signed 16 x 20 Inch Photo – Limited Edition (82/175) 200
364 Joe DiMaggio Signed New York Yankees Pennant with Photo of Joe Signing It! 150
365 Satchel Paige Signed Yellow Hall of Fame Plaque – Encapsulated By Beckett Authentic 250
366 Ken Griffey, Jr. Signed Black Rawlings Bat 175
367 Don Larsen Signed Easton Press Edition of The Perfect Yankee and Signed 8 x 10 of the Final Pitch of his 1956 WS No-Hitter PASS
368 Reggie Jackson Signed Easton Press First Edition of Becoming Mr. October - Limited Edition (415/550) PASS
369 William Kinsella Signed Easton Press Edition of Shoeless Joe - Book which Inspired Field of Dreams 50
370 Rachel Robinson Signed Easton Press Oversized Edition of Jackie Robinson: An Intimate Portrait PASS
371 Mickey Mantle Signed Upper Deck Authenticated Oversized Neil Leifer Photo - (LE 313/500) 650
372 Mickey Mantle Signed Copy of His Book The Mick with Other Mick Ephemera 150
373 Mickey Mantle Signed Special Limited Edition of My Favorite Summer 1956 from “The Greer Johnson Collection” (197/129) PASS
374 1996 New York Yankees “1996 World Series Champions” Team Signed Bat – LE 174/196 – 15 Signatures Incl. Jeter, Gooden, Strawberry and Rivera 550
375 1989 Perez Steele Complete Set with 20 Signed Cards Incl. Mickey Mantle, Catfish Hunter, Stan Musial Plus 15 Signatures in the “Celebration” Booklet 550
376 Ted Williams Signed 1989 Perez-Steele “Celebration" Postcard– Encapsulated By Beckett Authentic 100
377 Cal Ripken, Jr. Signed LE Bat (1899/2131), Signed Baseball and Signed Orioles Helmet 200
378 Collection of Three Oakland A's Signed Books with (45 Signatures) Each with Reggie Jackson and PSA/DNA Full LOA PASS
379 Oakland A's Hall of Famers Jim “Catfish” Hunter and Reggie Jackson Signed Autograph Book Pages– Encapsulated By Beckett Authentic PASS
380 Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling Signed 8 x 10s – in Framed Display - 2001 WS MVP and 2001 Sportsman of the Year PASS
381 1999 Duke Children's Classic Commemorative Program Signed on the Cover by 15 Hall of Famers and Celebrities Incl. Mike Schmidt, Ray Romano, Jeff Foxworthy and Joe Thiesman PASS
382 2004 and 2007 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions Signed Jersey with Seven Signatures Incl. Ortiz, Ramirez, Varitek and Schilling 400
383 Joe DiMaggio Single Signed Baseball and Walter Winchell Cut Signature Presented with Photo of the Two Together 175
384 1990 Nolan Ryan Signed “Wrangler Jeans” No-Hitter Poster PASS
385 1994-98 “Golden Legends of Baseball” Card Collection of 23 with Original Display Album PASS
386 1989 Upper Deck SEALED Factory Complete Se (Griffey, Jr. and Randy Johnson Rookies Inside) 100
387 1970 Topps Basebal Super Partial Set (25/40) with Aaron, Yastrzemski, Rose and Brock 100
388 1920s-1980s Non-Sport Card Grab Bag Collection Star Wars, British Tobacco, Audrey Hepburn, Movie Stars and Unopened Wax (More than 300 Pieces!) 325
389 May 2, 1939, "The Day Lou's Streak Ended" Lou Gehrig 8 x 10 Inch Photograph Printed from the Original Negative which Resides in The Baseball Hall of Fame - Immaculate Type II Photograph PASS
390 Lou Gehrig 5 x 7 Inch Photograph Printed From Charles Conlon Original Glass Plate Negative – Immaculate Type II Photo PASS
391 Mickey Mantle 8 x 10 Inch Photograph Printed by from the Original Negative which Resides in The Baseball Hall of Fame - 1950's Spring Training Possibly Never Published - Immaculate Type II Photo PASS
392 Mickey Mantle 8 x 10 Inch Photograph Printed from the Original Negative in The Baseball Hall of Fame - Used for his 1951 Bowman Rookie Baseball Card PASS
393 September 22, 1927, Gene Tunney vs Jack Dempsey World Heavyweight Championship Fight Ticket – Soldier Field, Chicago PASS
394 Muhammad Ali Signed September 29, 1977 Ali vs. Ernie Shavers Madison Square Garden On-Site Poster - With Photo of Ali Signing the Poster! PASS
395 Muhammad Ali Desktop Pen & Calendar Set Gifted to Archie Moore in 1969 1000
396 Muhammad Ali Signed Hardback Copy of Prayer and Al-Islam - Beautiful 1980's Ballpoint Signature! 150
397 Sealed Copy of 2001 Taschen Greatest of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali in Original Box PASS
398 Sealed Copy of 2001 Taschen GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali in Original Box – Signed by Ali-Over 70 Pounds! 2000
399 1974 Muhammad Ali Signed Letter on His Pictorial Letterhead Referencing the Upcoming "Rumble in the Jungle" vs. George Foreman 2000
400 Muhammad Ali Signed Everlast Boxing Glove with Original Jolene Jessie Painting (1/1) of His Famous Knockout of Sonny Liston 1100
401 Muhammad Ali Signed Easton Press Limited Edition of Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times - Also Signed by Author Thomas Hauser 275
402 Original Yankee Stadium Seat Back (#15) – with MLB Hologram Authentication PASS
403 1934 Quaker Oats Babe Ruth New York Yankees Scorer - Tougher Early Version 100
404 MINT CONDITION 1935 Quaker Oats Babe Ruth Boston Braves Celluloid Scorer PASS
405 1904 New York Highlanders Baseball Team Photo with HOFers Jack Chesbro, Wee Willie Keeler and Clark Griffith - from The Burr McIntosh Monthly Magazine 125
406 1912 Jackson, Mississippi Public Schools Athletic League Figural Baseball Championship Trophy PASS
407 1920's to 1940's Baseball Magazine Collection of 47 100
408 1930's to 1990's Official Baseball Guide Collection of 42 (with Complete Run from 1969-97) PASS
409 1940's to 1990's Sporting News Baseball Register and Record Books Collection of 51 Different 50
410 1950's SPORT Magazine Collection of 32 with Great Covers: Jackie Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson, Bob Cousy, Roy Campanella and Others PASS
411 1989 Gartlan “Joe DiMaggio” Statue - Store Display Copy - “Not For Sale” In Original Box PASS
412 1983 MLBPA Pinback Complete Set of 36 PASS
413 Trio of Brooklyn Dodgers vs. New York Yankees World Series Ticket Stubs at Ebbets Field - 1949, 1953 and 1956 150
414 Hall of Famer Red Schoendienst Game Used Cleats - Worn as St. Louis Cardinals Coach - Former Burt Reynolds Collection 550
415 “Basketball Hall of Fame” Basketball Signed by UCLA Legends John Wooden, Gail Goodrich and Bill Walton 200
416 Harlem Globetrotter Meadowlark Lemon Signed Basketball – Inscribed “AGELESS #36 HOF 2000/2003” 50
417 Larry Bird and Magic Johnson Signed 16 x 20 – From Bird's 1993 Retirement Ceremony with Magic in a Celtics Shirt! 150
418 Magic Johnson Signed Basketball in Impressive Framed Display - “Magic Johnson HOF02” 175
419 1980's “Showtime” Los Angeles Laers Signed Limited Edition Upper Deck Basketball with Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Cooper, Scott, Green, Rambis and Jerry West (LE 500/500) PASS
420 Magic Johnson Signed Los Angeles Lakers Jersey in Framed Display 150
421 2009-10 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers Game-Used Jersey Trading Cards Display with Two Kobe Bryant Cards (12 Cards Total) 50
422 Shaquille O'Neal Signed Easton Press First Edition of Shaq Uncut - Limited Edition (369/900) 50
423 Michael Jordan Signed Upper Deck Authenticated 16 x 20 Photo of His Winning Shot in 1982 NCAA Championship Game – Limited Edition 71/750 1600
424 Michael Jordan Signed Upper Deck Authenticated Deluxe Limited Edition Copy of Rare Air (1873/2500) 1200
425 1976-1977 Portland Trailblazers NBA Champions Team Signed Basketball with 15 Signatures 200
426 Mike Ditka Signed Chicago Bears Jersey and 8 x 10 Photo in Framed Display 100
427 John Elway and Brett Favre Signed “Super Bowl XXXII” Football PASS
428 Heisman Trophy Winners Signed Commemorative Football with 20 Signatures Including Roger Staubach, Paul Hornung and Charles White 150
429 Walter Payton Signed Limited Edition Super Bowl XX Commemorative Ticket 150
430 Joe Montana Handwritten San Francisco 49ers “1982 Public Relations Questionnaire” PASS
431 1970's New York Jets Football Helmet Lamp with Original Shade 150
432 1960s-2000s Chicago Bears Media Guide Collection of 34 25
433 1950's to 1990's Blue Book of College Athletics Collection of 39 Issues 25
434 Jack Nicklaus Signed Masters Flag 325
435 Arnold Palmer Signed Easton Press Edition of A Golfer's Life - Limited Edition (1610/2500) 100
436 Ben Hogan Signed 8 x 10 Photo - Beautifully Framed 200
437 Byron Nelson, Gene Sarazen and Sam Snead Signed Photo Displays (3) – Official “PGA Tour Memorabilia” 150
438 2000 “Senior Skins Game” Hat Signed by Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Gary Player 350
439 Jack Nicklaus Signed 2000 Masters Flag - “Golden Bear” Limited Edition (301/2000) 250
440 Wayne Gretzky Signed Hockey Puck 150
441 Wayne Gretzky Signed “Hespeler” Hockey Stick – Upper Deck Authenticated Limited Edtiion (7/399) 600
442 1999 Dallas Stars NHL Champions Team Signed Sweater with Brett Hull, Ed Belfour, Guy Carbonneau, Mike Modano and Joe Nieuwendyk (12 Signatures) 200
443 For the Love of Hockey Limited Edition Book (82/300) Signed by 92 NHL Hall of Famers and Stars Incl. Wayne Gretzky (Upper Deck COA) 1800
444 Pair of Detroit Red Wings 1943 and 1998 Stanley Cup Champion 16 x 20 Inch Framed Team Signed Photos PASS
445 David Beckham Signed “Manchester United” Soccer Ball 250
446 Michael Schumacher (Formula One Driver) Signed “Schumacher Reigns Supreme” Limited Edition Print (133/500) Plus Signed Team Ferrari Cap 700
447 1964 FULL Pictorial Ticket for Opening Night Showing of The Beatles A Hard Day's Night PASS
448 1970's Elvis Presley Concert Round Backstage Passes PASS
449 1972 Picture Disc Test Pressing for Elvis Presley's Live LP Elvis As Recorded at Madison Square Garden PASS